Soaring with the birds

Please join us on September 11 at 7:00 PM for our monthly speaker Alyse Cahen Burman.

Alyse Cohen Burman is the owner of The WildBird Shack, Ltd., an independent Wildbird store, located at 854 E. Northwest Highway in Mt. Prospect. Burman has been birding for over 20 years, traveling throughout the United States to pursue her passion of birding.  Prior to opening the Wildbird Shack she owned, AP Lifeline.  She had the opportunity to work with various senior care communities which included memory care.   Blending her experience with birds and health care she introduced a program called Tranquil Feathers; combining outdoor birding with indoor activities to avert the effects of sundowning.   
Most recently she served as the President of the Chicago Chapter of Continuity of Care, an organization that advocates for legislative and community related health issues; Director for the Education Foundation for Oakton Community College; Director of the Niles Township Education Foundation; Director of the Prairie View Audubon Society; Director for the Downtown Merchants of Mt. Prospect.  She earned a bachelors of arts from the University of Illinois, Chicago and master of public administration from Roosevelt University and completed MBA coursework at the Lake Forest School of Management.
Alyse will be presenting on “Soaring with the Birds”. This program will introduce you to the birds that you will see in your backyard all year round, plus some that stop at your feeder during migration. We will talk about why birds are so important to our environment, their behaviors and why taking care of our bird population is so important.