About Us

The Schaumburg Community Garden Club was established in the summer of 1989.  The club is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit organization.  Our members vary greatly in their gardening knowledge, ranging from novices to Master Gardeners.  The membership is active in the community and concerned with beautification and preservation of our environment.

Purpose and Goal

  • Exchange gardening information, tips, and techniques
  • Educate the community and its members on how to beautify their properties and how to beautify and improve the community and area parks
  • Educate the community about our environment
  • Raise member awareness of new information sources to help with their gardening
  • Provide assistance to local schools that have student programs on gardening or native plants
  • Promote a local network of gardeners who share their expertise with one another

We proudly give back to our community.  From our one fundraiser, Native Plant Sale in May, the club donates money to promote our common goals with other organizations.

We welcome you to join us at our monthly club meeting or activities!