Plant Sale

Our pre-order on-line system is now closed. 

Thank you integrating native plants with your gardens!  We will post time slots for pick up soon on our website.  Email notifications will be sent out the week prior to pick up for updates on plants, pick up times, and any refunds for plants that didn’t show.

We can’t wait for May 20th and May 21st!!!  See you then!
email us with any questions:

Pre-Ordering Information

Pick up time will be within 1.5 -hour window based on your last name but we will work with you if you can’t make it within the designated time slot.  Focus is to stagger folks coming to pick up plants.  All tasks dealing with pick up will be outdoors.

Plant Pick Up location:

Spring Valley Nature Center
1111 E. Schaumburg Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60193
Get Directions (847) 985-2100

If you are unable to pick up your plants on the designated time/date, please have a family member, friend, or neighbor pick them up.  Let us know their name and we will have the order ready.  We will not be able to hold plants as they are live and need good care.
The benefits of natives 
Turn your average suburban yard into a native haven attracting birds, butterflies, and other  pollinators that benefit wildlife.  Even a soggy area of lawn can become attractive and engaging.  Native plants provide an ecologically sound rain garden that is better adapted to handle rain water runoff.  Have a problem shady area?  No worries.  Native woodland plants offer variety of greens and leaf sizes that make beautiful woodland settings.  Native plants make a positive impact on soil, water, and air quality.  Not sure how to start?  Master Gardeners will be available at time of pick up to answer your questions regarding plants and gardening!
About the plants
We offer native wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees as well as some non-native perennials on our website.  Most of the prairie plants are provided as small 2.5″ plugs with developed root system in a 4” deep soil mass.  Most woodland arrive in  3 – 4-½” pots.  Non-native perennials come in 4-½” pots and #1 gallon pots.
All trees and shrubs  come in 5-gallon potted plants. Newly planted shrubs will, with proper care, put on excellent growth due to extensive root system. Any trees and shrubs not sold can be purchased during the autumn season until early frost.  Contact Spring Valley Nature Center @ (847) 985-2100 if you miss this pre-order opportunity.
How do I know what to select?
Read about the plant and focus on moisture and light requirement.  Walk your yard at different times of the day to note how many hours of light each area tends to receive.  How wet an area gets during and how long the water pools after a storm play a key role how the plant survives.  Also, check out flower color, bloom season, height, and spread (how wide the plant grows).  We also indicate which plants will attract bees, butterflies, or hummingbirds.